Xhanti Arts & Spa

To step in Xhanti Arts & Spa is too immerge yourself in a new Universe made of Mayan traditions and well being. The warm, cozy and yet wild atmosphere of that unique space, as well as the kindness and “Savoir-Faire” of the staff, will transport you in a state of both deep relaxation and amazement!

Its a delight for your body and your soul. The reason why, is that Jose and Mariana, the owners, are both passionated by Art and they manage to mix it perfectly with the Spa. Indeed, before to get to the actual spa, you will first go by an Art gallery where you might see local artists in action…

It’s been a real pleasure to be the one making the photography for their catalogues and flyers, website and social media┬ácontents.

A special thank you to the 2 models, Geovana Saldivar y Tati Belen, and to all the amazing team of Xhanti Spa for their great cooperation on shooting day!

But mostly I like to thanks Jose and Maria for their trust and for the amazing massage they offer me!


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